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Powder Coating Lines
Topcote powdercoating is a contract production powder applicator of innovative coatings using technologically advanced processes. Coating Capabilities include Corrosion treatment and Powder coating of both Ferrous and Non-ferrous Substrates.

Pre-treatment Processes
A superior approach to paint pre-treatment

With conventional paint pre-treatment processes performed with chemicals such as iron phosphates and zinc phosphates, has many applications as well as environmental drawbacks. The hazardous substances such as phosphorus, zinc, nickel, cobalt and hexavalent chromium used in these conventional processes are compelling applicators to explore new, more sustainable processes. Phosphate-based pre-treatments generate a significant amount of sludge and scale in process tanks, on washer walls and in the risers and nozzles. Sludge and scale formation requires frequent line maintenance, which increases workers’ exposure to the hazardous environment and also escalates downtime hours. Interlox processes are the perfect substitute for conventional phosphate-based pre-treatments. Interlox processes are sustainable and economical for paint applicators. Interlox is suitable to be used with multi-metals and various paint types (e.g. wet paint, powder paint, e-coat). Interlox processes benefit global manufacturers of appliances / white goods, aluminium wheels, automotive / motorcycle components, and architectural aluminium profiles.

Interlox 5707

Interlox 5707 is a phosphorus-free, zirconium pre-treatment process designed to provide superior paint adhesion (wet paint, powder paint and e-coat) and corrosion resistance for a variety of metal substrates (steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, zinc and magnesium). Interlox® 5707 offers stable performance across variable operating conditions and automated replenishment capabilities, simplifying process operation. Ideal for high line speed / multimetal washer systems, Interlox® 5707 is suitable for white goods (residential and commercial appliances), electrical enclosures, HVAC equipment, aluminium wheels, automotive and motorcycle components and a variety of other applications.

Unicoat ZR 1

UNICOAT ZR1 is a phosphorous-free process that cleans as well as produces a conversion coating on steel, zinc, magnesium and aluminium parts, galvanized steel enhancing the performance of subsequent organic finishes. UNICOAT ZR1 is designed for the application by various methods of manual spraying, commonly referred to as hand wand. However, it can be applied using recirculating two and three stage spray washers. UNICOAT ZR1 provides an excellent base prior to wet painting or powder coating and will significantly improve adhesion and corrosion resistance.